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Janeiro - 2004
 Protection of Buildings Against Birds

 Protection of Buildings Against Birds
16:39 | 29 de Janeiro de 2004
Protection of Buildings Against BirdsThe company PLANETA DAS ÁRVORES has just launched a new service: the protection of buildings against the deposition of birds (mainly pigeons and seagulls). The modern cities have became shelter for many species of wild birds, that defile with their excrements the facades of the buildings, threatening the preservation of monument of elevated value.
The prevention passes trough avoiding that the birds roost in the saliencies of facades, so we apply transparent stripes of polycarbonate in the pipes, window stills and ledges.
It is a simple solution that protects the buildings, and does not harm the birds, this product has show it’s effectiveness in many European countries and in the United States of America.
The company PLANETA DAS ÁRVORES sells the BIRDBAN but also when requested, it provides the service of setting up this product.

Do not hesitate in asking for any information. You will see that the BIRDBAN is an excellent solution.

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